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“Knowing and the Known”: acting with vision

Video has taken on a predominant symbolic role, becoming the very essence of the digital world.
The visual experience, that barrage of images that roll within one viral, relentless flow, contains the ability to capture, orientate, determine, intercept, model, control and ensure the gestures, behaviours, opinions and discussions of our everyday life in whatever form it takes.
From cinema through to TV broadcasting, personal computers through to portable devices, and video games through to the displays on the multitude of technological equipment available in urban areas, everything is about video.

“Using vision to think”

The central role carried out by images in learning and knowledge acquisition is decisive nowadays.
Just the same way as paper, pens and books were accelerators in formulating information, screens are links and accelerators for the users who are connected.
The most advanced entertainment simulation techniques, which aim to reconstruct or simulate phenomena, models and processes which are considerably complex, represent the need to translate, observe, and visually manipulate that which isn’t exactly visual per se.