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The results gathered from the Live Show and Night Show have contributed to the creation of the first gaming entertainment format designed for a mainstream target group, with focus placed on attracting the female public into the gaming arena.

The afternoon schedule, focusing on online bingo, has been created as a sitcom, with a set representing the inside of a house (kitchen/living room with couch inhabited by the lady of the house Serena Garitta, an excellent protagonist), which guests enter through the main door and take turns on the couch, a central element of the set. These guests are all famous personalities from the world of show business, sport, comedy, columnists and the regular cast. Bingo is played in the house among friends, in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere.

Therefore the idea isn’t to bring TV to the Web, or adapt content to the medium, but to bring the Web to TV. By means of TV graphics viewers at home will be able to read and follow site chats, as if chatroom participants were the actual characters on the sitcom, co-presenters of the programme.