Category: Bingo Live Show


Play the game: invent a new, original formula, experimenting with a winning mix between language and method.
The Bingo Night Show is the result of advanced research in the games entertainment field.

Empathy with the public, a structure of rhythm/suspense built on the timescales of online gaming, and the easy use and interaction created by capitalising on the personality of the presenters, making the public the protagonist via ongoing, dynamic chatting – these are the objectives that the unedited format, the first of its kind in Italy, has achieved in the 16.30 – 19.30 time slot.

The fundamental choice for creating a strong, immediate, loyal connection between the public and the programme was to guide mood by adapting image segments of the most significant current trend – reminiscing. Signature tunes, quiz characters, and the atmosphere of that golden age of TV (70s and 80s) which corresponds to the adolescence/youth of the target group.